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Accommodation in Salzburg

When looking for accommodation in Salzburg, you will find a variety of options. Most of them are good. Some of the hotels in Salzburg, however, stand out and offer an experience you couldn't find anywhere else in the world. That's what this article is about. In [...]

Accommodation in Salzburg2020-09-02T12:55:58+02:00

Where was Mozart born? – Mozart’s Birthplace in Salzburg

Mozart was born in Getreidegasse in Salzburg, Austria, in the year 1756. The Mozart family rented the third floor of house number 9 and lived there until Mozart was 17 years old. When Mozart was born, Salzburg was still an independent church-state, and Getreidegasse was the [...]

Where was Mozart born? – Mozart’s Birthplace in Salzburg2020-07-15T19:45:00+02:00
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