Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions of the Free Tour in Salzburg. You can use this page to inform yourself. If you have a question that is not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Questions About Us

How do Free Walking Tours work? Are the tours free?2018-12-17T11:38:00+01:00

There is no fixed price on our Free Tour in Salzburg. Instead, at the end of the tour you are welcome to pay what you can and what you feel like. You have no obligation to give a certain amount but if the tour satisfied you and you can afford it we are grateful about your support. Consider the tip a way to say thank you to your guide.

What is the Free Walking Tour Salzburg about?2018-12-17T09:32:02+01:00

Free Walking Tour Salzburg is the first free walking tour in the city of Salzburg. Our tours on foot provide a historic, cultural and local overview of the city. It’s our way to welcome you, to connect to you and to share information with open-minded travelers from all over the world. This project grew out of the love for engaging with Salzburgs visitors and with fellow travelers.

Did you come up with this concept?2018-12-17T09:33:25+01:00

No, we did not invent this concept. There are free walking tours all over the world and in most European capitals. We adapted the concept, however, because it very much resonates with the way we guide and meet people and the way we travel. It aims at enabling individual travelers and backpackers.

In what languages are you doing the tours?2018-12-17T10:11:54+01:00

The free walking tour is only available in English. Private Tours are paid and available in German, Spanish and French as well. If you want a tour in Korean, Chinese, Arabic, Dutch, or whatever your native language is, we have a network of internationals to work with. In the latter case you would be accompanied by a certified guide and a native speaker of your language.

Do you have a license? Do you pay taxes? Is this legal?2018-12-17T09:33:41+01:00

In Austria we go to school for three semesters to get a license for walking tours. Everyone of us is a licensed Austria Guide. We are all freelancers and pay taxes and social security.

Questions about Reservations

Do I have to book the tour in advance? How do I book a tour?2019-05-21T08:02:35+02:00

To guarantee small groups and high quality, we have a limit of 15-20 participants. To book your spot, click here. If you would like to join last minute or if the tour is full you can contact us. In case you can’t take part on the tours you booked, please cancel as soon as possible to give other travelers the chance to join.

How many people can I bring on a free walking tour?2019-06-01T14:13:35+02:00

There can be 5 people in your group joining the free walking tour. If you are a group of six people or more, you need to book a private tour. That is because there are only 20 spots on the free tours and otherwise a private group could book the entire tour. Private tours have fixed prices, are flexible in time and more tailored to your wishes.

Can I hire a private city guide for a custom tour?2019-05-21T08:04:22+02:00

If you want a more custom experience, you can book a custom private tour. These tours cover not only the free walking tour but include sights tailored to your needs. Either you tell us what you want to see and we plan a route, you tell us about your interests and we find the right places to visit or you let yourself be surprised and we plan an extended route.

How far in advance can I reserve a ticket?2019-06-01T14:15:18+02:00

At the moment Tickets are available seven days in advance.

I don’t see the date I’m interested in listed on the Calendar?2019-05-21T08:06:06+02:00

Tour schedules change depending on seasons and guide availability. Please also be aware that bookings only open 7 days in advance. If your desired time is still not on the schedule you are welcome to contact us. In case we can manage and it makes sense for us, we will try to schedule a tour.

If it is not possible to schedule a free walk, you can also inquire a private tour. Private tours have a fixed price but they are exclusive and excellent.

What if I show up without a ticket or when the tour is booked out?2018-12-17T10:28:28+01:00

You are welcome to show up without a ticket or when tickets are sold out. We can, however, not guarantee a spot under these circumstances. You will be on a waiting list and we will do our best to get you a spot but we also try to stay within our limitations to provide the most pleasant experience for everyone.

Can I reschedule or cancel my reservation?2018-12-17T11:52:26+01:00

In case you want to change or reschedule we ask you to do it as early as possible. The spots on the tour are limited to 15 persons. By canceling early you make your ticket available to someone else. The link to cancel your reservation can be found in the booking confirmation and you can also contact us to cancel your reservation.

Questions About The Tour

How do I find the meeting point and the guide?2019-05-21T08:11:27+02:00

We meet in Schwarzstraße 1 at the spirit of Mozart Artwork by Marina Abramovic next to Staatsbrücke, the main bridge. The artwork is a 15 meter high metal chair together with eight more normal sized chairs and its located right next to the bridge. It has a red sign giving information about the art. Your guide will be waiting right there. In case you have troubles finding the place, contact us.

What happens if I am late?2018-12-17T11:53:43+01:00

Every tour starts on time so please try to be punctual. We leave the meeting point a few minutes after the starting time. In case you are late or you can’t find the meeting point please call us under (004369917799991) before the tour starts and we will wait or find a way for you to catch up.

Can I bring children on the Free Walking Tour?2019-11-02T14:39:31+01:00

Your children are more than welcome on the tour. The route is family friendly and we don’t walk a long distance. Please be aware, however, that the content is not adapted for children. You will learn about history, get recommendations and children might get bored.

Are the tours wheelchair accessible?2019-05-21T08:12:43+02:00

The Free Walking Tour is wheelchair accessible. We don’t need to know in advance if there is someone in a wheelchair participating. If there is someone in a wheelchair, we will skip non barrier-free areas and include other sights instead.

What are we going to visit on the Free Walking Tour?2019-05-21T08:13:44+02:00

You will get an overview of the sights in the old town. We will enter none of them but you will get recommendations on what to visit. Salzburg is tiny and you can come back to those places. If you want to visit several paid attractions like Mozart’s Birthplace, the fortress and museums we would recommend to ask your guide for a Salzburg card.

What if I want to leave before the tour ends?2018-12-17T10:29:26+01:00

That is not a problem. But please let your guide know so he or she doesn’t wait for you.

How long does the standard Free Walking Tour take?2018-12-17T10:29:39+01:00

The duration of the tour is about 1,5h but sometimes it can extend to a maximum of 2h if we feel like going on. It’s our priority to not be in a hurry and to answer all the urgent questions.

How far do we walk on the tour? How strenuous is the walk?2020-05-19T22:02:20+02:00

We walk a kilometer and a half, which is a mile. There are no bumps on the streets of Salzburg and the walk is as easy as it could be.

Does the tour end where it begins?2018-12-17T10:30:23+01:00

The tour rarely ends where it starts but Salzburg is small and everything is close. If you need to get back to the start or need to get to a specific place, please ask us at the end of the tour and it’s our pleasure to point you in the right direction.

How do I get from my hotel or hostel to the meeting point?2018-12-17T10:30:33+01:00

Ask at the reception or search the address from your booking confirmation on Google Maps. Except for some hotels, everything in Salzburg is walking distance. Google enabled offline maps so I recommend downloading the map of Salzburg and follow their lead.

Is there a break during the tour? Are there toilets on the tour?2019-05-21T08:19:11+02:00

There is no break scheduled during the tour because we are walking for less than two hours. In case of emergency you can ask for a toilet anytime and we will find one for you.

In summer you should bring water. If you forgot we will also find a solution. Tap water is drinkable and there are several drinking fountains in Salzburg. If you get a sudden hunger attack, there are lots of food places along the way.

Does bad weather prevent you from touring the city?2018-12-17T10:30:49+01:00

We will walk with you under any circumstances as long as they are not dangerous. In fact freezing temperatures and rain are typical for Salzburg and we will embrace it as special. Salzburgs rain even has a name. It’s called “string rain” because it’s raining small drops and can last for days. That is because of its geographic location. More about it on the tour.

Can I take pictures on the tour?2018-12-17T10:31:09+01:00

We have no photo stops scheduled, but it doesn’t bother us if you take pictures while we walk and talk. In fact we like to be photographed and shared on social media or wherever you share pictures. Please tag us and send us links or emails. We are happy to see and share your content.

Can I record video or audio on the tour?2018-12-17T11:51:44+01:00

To protect the copyright that goes into the tours we do not allow video and audio recordings. Copyright protects the tours, same as other forms of art.  The stories we share were collected and crafted over time. They result from hard work, study and research and you can show your appreciation by listening.

Other Questions

How can I support Free Walking Tour Salzburg?2019-11-02T14:40:05+01:00

Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Post pictures and posts of Salzburg and tag us and use our hash tags (#freewalkingtoursalzburg #salzburgaustria #salzburglovesyou). Rate us on Facebook and TripAdvisor. If you have other ideas on how to spread the word, please share them with us. We appreciate your support.

Still have questions after reading through our FAQ?2019-11-02T14:39:48+01:00

Please contact us via any of the options on the contact page.

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