We are Off-Season – 4 Things you can do in the Meantime

Thank you for your interest in my Free Walking Tour of Salzburg. You are the reason this tour exists and the reason summer 2019 was amazing.

Now, after guiding for 100 consecutive days, I am taking a short break. In this article I will tell you what to do in the meantime and how you can still profit from the Free Walking Tours.

1. Pick up a Free Walking Tour City Map

Every guest on my tour receives one of the custom Free Walking Tour City Maps of Salzburg with personal recommendations and an overview of the sights. I left printed city maps with Free Walking Tour friends in the following places.

Feel free to pass by one of these places and ask for a printed map. You can use it for a self-guided tour and/or to follow my recommendations.

2. Get in touch, if you have questions!

I will check my messages once a day. If there are any questions about Salzburg you didn’t find an answer for, feel free to contact me! I am happy to help and in case I think an answer would benefit more travelers, I will write about it on the city guide section of this Website.

3. Check the schedule again!

Reservations for Tours open seven days in advance. Now, during the break, tours could also be scheduled more last minute so you could check the schedule again a day or two in advance.

4. An alternative for the Free Walking Tour

I often get asked about recommendations for other tours when I am not available. There are few guided tours in Salzburg. The closest you can get to a free walking tour is a company called fairtours. Initially started as an initiative against free tours, they start daily at 10am from the main entrance of Mirabell castle. Reservations are not required and the price is €10,- per person.

We will be back soon

Daily tours will start again in December but if there is anything else I can help you with, never hesitate to contact me. I am happy to hear from you!

Questions? I would love to answer!

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