In this article, I proudly present the free walking tour city map to you. From now on you will receive one of the maps on each of my free tours or you can pick them up at certain places listed at the end of this article.

The initial idea came from one of my private tour guests. Rick messaged me after the tour with the suggestion to provide a map for each of my guests and get an Austrian costume for myself.

I refused to buy an Austrian costume but love the idea of having a map. Developing the idea and a clear vision, finding a designer, and gathering information. More than half a year passed until the first maps arrived from the printing shop today.

What is the Free Walking Tour City Map about?

When I created the map I thought about the things you might need after walking Salzburg with me. By that time, I thought, you already have a place to stay and an idea of Salzburg. So I wondered what every independent traveler might need?

I realized that everyone needs places to visit as well as food and drinks and maybe recommendations for day trips and things to do in the surroundings of Salzburg.

I also realized that most people stay for two or three days and that it’s my job to fill their time with relevance.

My favorite Sites in Salzburg

You can visit most of the sights in Salzburg in a day or two. On the free walking tours, we pass by the most important sights. Many of them, however, are churches and not allowed for groups. Or like Mirabell, a garden we only see from the outside, because it’s better to revisit and take your time to explore.

On the free walking tour, we cover as much ground as possible in a short amount of time.

On the map the sights are in the order we visit them on tour. The map helps you to revisit the place which I would recommend. The map can also serve as a guide for your self-guided tour in case you can’t participate in my guided walking tour of Salzburg.

These sights listed are my favorites. Depending on your interests you might add or skip certain places.

Food and Drink recommendations

When it came to culinary experiences, I first thought about the places I would go to. Like most Austrians, however, I don’t eat Austrian food that often. I like Asian food, burger places, and Pizza but that’s available everywhere in the world.

I realized that your culinary experience in Salzburg has to be unique to Salzburg. That realization sent me on a journey to find the most special places. I figured that the food part of your journey either has to be an experience of exclusive taste or of a unique place.

Why are there nine recommended Austrian restaurants?

There are nine Austrian restaurants because each of them offers a different experience, caters to a different budget or is open at a different time. Two of them are in a remote location and not suitable for a quick lunch or dinner. One of them is not suitable, if you are on a budget and some of them are only open for dinner. That’s why there are nine Austrian restaurants.

The best coffee vs the best traditional coffee houses

Austria is famous for its coffee houses. Yet that fame doesn’t come from the best coffee. The places I recommend are not always about the best food or drinks. They could be worth the visit for historic reasons, for the atmosphere or for a great view.

Check the descriptions on the backside of the map to find out what each of the culinary places is about.

Where to find Sweets in Salzburg?

Cakes are an essential part of the coffee house culture and Mozart chocolate is on every corner. Even if you are a sweet tooth you will not eat cake and Mozart chocolate all the time. Therefore I want you to find the best cakes as well as the original Mozart balls during your stay.

Austrian Fast Food and Famous Beer Places

Austrian street food is associated with Sausages but have you heard about Bosna or the supermarket fast food Leberkäse? And did you know that the biggest beer hall in Austria is in Salzburg? These are two more topics on the map providing you with hints on where to go and what to try at these places.

Why are there bakeries on the map?

Saint Peters is the oldest bakery in Salzburg. A historic place and one that still bakes delicious sourdough bread. The second bakery I recommend is recommended because breakfast at a cozy bakery would be much more authentic Austrian than the fancy breakfasts you find these days at cafes around the city.

Day trips and the Surroundings of Salzburg

Day trips are, as the name suggests, places that take a whole day to visit while I consider the surroundings of Salzburg the places you can visit in less than a day. These places together with some further recommendations are only an overview and not a comprehensive guide.

The Free Walking Tour City Guide

On this website, in addition to the printed map, we provide further, more detailed information on the city guide page. The city guide page on this website aims not only on extending the information on the printed map but to get you started ahead of taking the free walking tour.

Do I get paid by the places we recommend?

I don’t get paid by any of the places I recommend. I recommend them because I love them or because they offer an experience you should have.

Questions? I would love to answer!

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