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Join us for a delightful stroll through the heart of Vienna, Austria’s enchanting capital, with our Free Walking Tour Vienna. Our friendly and knowledgeable licensed Austrian guides will show you the hidden gems and captivating stories that make this city so special. Wander with us through the charming streets and alleys of Vienna’s historic center as we delve into the city’s rich cultural heritage, spanning from the majestic Habsburg dynasty to the lively contemporary art scene.

We’ll kick off our adventure at the iconic Albertina, before making our way to the grand Hofburg Palace, the Habsburgs’ former imperial residence. Along the journey, we’ll also guide you to some lesser-known spots and must-see attractions that make Vienna truly unique.

As we explore, we won’t miss the opportunity to visit some of Vienna’s renowned coffeehouses. After the tour, treat yourself to a taste of the city’s famous pastries, like the delectable Sachertorte or the mouth-watering Apfelstrudel, and learn about Vienna’s storied coffee culture.

Throughout the tour, our guides will gladly share their expertise on Vienna’s history, culture, and customs, and they’ll be more than happy to answer any questions you might have about this fascinating city.

Since our guides work on a tip-only basis, you have the freedom to decide what the experience is worth to you at the end of the tour. Don’t hesitate – come along on an unforgettable walking tour of Vienna today and experience the magic of this beautiful city for yourself!

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2.5 hours

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Good Vienna Tours is a large company. You can book them until the tour starts and they are usually not fully booked but have enough capacity and guides to accommodate you.

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Good Vienna Tours

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The tour is wheelchair accessible; however, we kindly request that you please inform us in advance if you will be joining the tour with a wheelchair.

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Pets are not allowed

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Payment: Your Choice

This tour is tip based, which means you decide how much you want to pay at the end of the tour.

We Don’t Currently Offer This Tour, but They Do!

While we don’t currently offer this free tour, we’ve had excellent experiences with Good Vienna Tours. We’ve personally used their services and can attest to their high-quality tours.

That’s why we recommend them to travelers who are looking for the best alternative.

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