Gerhard Reus

My name is Gerhard. I am from Salzburg, Austria. I am the founder of the Free Walking Tour Salzburg. As my passion now lies in introducing my city to travelers, it may seem hard to believe that I was not always in love with Salzburg.

Growing up in Salzburg, I never appreciated my town and devoted my time to traveling, even living in Spain for a while.

Our Story

The Origin of the Free Walking Tour Salzburg

When I was 25 years old, I returned to Salzburg and began working as a Bike Taxi Tour Guide, which gave me a perspective on my city that I had never had before. Experiencing my city through the eyes of its visitors led me to discover the wonders of Salzburg and fall in love with the city that I had called home my entire life.

I began working in hostels and continued with the bike taxi tours. I grew active in Couchsurfing by hosting travelers for free and showing them around Salzburg. I knew that I wanted to grow further in this passion and share Salzburg with more people, so I thought to myself, “How can I incorporate this love for my city into my day-to-day life to earn a living?”. I decided to become a certified tour guide and soon founded this company to make a living out of what I love.

Fall in love with Salzburg, just as I have…

As the first free walking tour in Salzburg, we are excited to meet new people from around the world and share stories. We believe that no matter why we travel or what walks of life we come from, we can connect with others and find common ground by exploring new places.

I hope this walking tour will make visitors fall in love with Salzburg, just as I have.

Our values

It is our goal through this walking tour to connect with individual travelers, as well as to connect travelers with each other through our city that we so cherish. We wish to be part of their journey and their experience in Salzburg, so as to create undying memories.

We have a love and a passion for our city and wish to share it with others from around the world. We love to meet new people and are proud to have the opportunity to earn a living from our passion. As travelers, ourselves, we understand the mindset and desires of other travelers.

We are committed and devoted to introducing like-minded travelers to the city of Salzburg. Furthermore, we strive to make travelers feel at home in this city and feel comfortable. We are committed to answering all questions that individuals may have regarding Salzburg and cater to budget travelers.

We promise to provide the flexibility for travelers to budget their time and money with our walking tours. We show you our city during a 1.5-hour walk and allow travelers to decide what they wish to pay for it and what it was worth to them. More importantly, we are human beings and fellow travelers, who wish to connect with our clients on a far deeper level than a mere profit.

Our Team

The Guides

To become a licensed Austria guide, three semesters of school and a three-day exam are mandatory. Of course, at the Free Walking Tour Salzburg, we are all licensed guides.

We are all freelancers and pay taxes and social security.

Steffi Lederer
Birgit Baumgartner
Markus Schwaiger
Sonja Stögmüller
Leo Messmer
Johannes Hofmann
Hyunok Jang
Gerhard Reus
Founder & Guide

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Our Friends and Partners

I am an avid traveler and a curious guide. Whenever possible, I visit new places, and whenever I visit new places, I try to meet fellow free walking tour guides. Therefore, and by working in Tourism for many years, I made friends in Salzburg, Europe, and the whole world. Friends I can confidently recommend to you.