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Because we know and love our city and because we care about the quality of your experience, our free walking tour of Salzburg considers what is most important to you. We love to share stories, answer questions, recommend places to eat, and offer ideas of things to see and do.

The Free Tour is limited to 15-20 participants and is designed to introduce you to our city. My hope is that the tours will cause visitors to fall in love with Salzburg, just as I have.

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To maintain a personal and enjoyable experience for all, we limit our groups to a maximum of 20 to 25 individuals. Therefore, bookings are required. And in case you can’t make it for some reason please cancel in order to release the spot for someone else.

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How the Free Walking Tour works?

Like many other city walking tours, our tours are based on tips that you may choose to give. We believe that you should give what you can, depending on what you feel our tour was worth to you.

We are happy to connect with you and other travelers while sharing our city with you. If you wish to donate to our tours, it is greatly appreciated, but not required.

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Free Walking Tour Salzburg
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Free Walking Tour Salzburg
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Created by travelers, for travelers.

As travelers, ourselves, we understand and care for other fellow travelers from all over the world. That is why we want to provide an unforgettable experience to all who visit our city.

As the first free walking tour in Salzburg, we are proud to introduce our city to independent travelers. Our desire and passion are to create lasting memories by sharing stories about our city from a local’s perspective.

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Where is the Free Walking Tour Meeting Point?

We are meeting at the “Spirit of Mozart” Artwork by Marina Abramovic. It’s a 15-meter high metal chair and eight normal size chairs, next to the main bridge, Staatsbrücke. A convenient location right in the center of the historic city. It’s an easy 5-15 minute walk from anywhere in the old town.

The Spirit of Mozart artwork by Marina Abramovic as a part of the Salzburg foundations modern art
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What Sights are We Going to Explore on the Free Walking Tour Salzburg?

Salzburg is a quaint, small city. Our free walking tour will cover the essentials of this amazing destination, providing travelers with basic knowledge that they may wish to explore further. For those who want to learn and see more, you may take a look at our themed tours about Salzburg!