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Free Walking Tour

The Free Walking Tour is an introduction to Salzburg. On the 1,5 hour walk, you get to know the history and the highlights of Salzburg but also answers to your questions and recommendations for things to see, do and eat in Salzburg during the rest of your stay as well as a printed city map of Salzburg to help you navigate further.

Nuns & Nazis Walking Tour

  • Price: €15,-
  • When: some days
  • Duration: 2,25 hours
  • Where: Kurgarten

With the Nuns and Nazis Walking Tour, Leo tells the history of the second world war in Salzburg in the context of the most famous Hollywood blockbuster about the Trapp family. Leo has not only years of experience with bike tours about the movie but also a Jewish/catholic family background and, therefore, a personal connection to the topic.

Lonely Goatherd Bike Tour

  • Price: €30,-
  • When: daily
  • Duration: 2,5 hours
  • Where: Unipark

Salzburg is the most bike-friendly city in Austria. Therefore, the best way of exploring the surroundings of Salzburg is by bike. This tour is the perfect complement to the Free Walking Tour. While the Free Walking Tour explains the history of Salzburg, our bike tour shows you the beauty of nature that lies just outside the city limits.

Private Walking Tour

  • Price: €180,-
  • When: upon request
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Where: Your Choice

Private walking tours are for groups of 9 people or more or for individual travelers that want the luxury of a private tour guide in Salzburg. Private tours can be tailored to your needs and wants. They cover the same sights as the free walking tour but the sights and the details can be adapted to your interests.

Bike Tour for Tourists in Salzburg

Our tours practically build on each other. While the Free Walking Tour is a good idea for everyone to get an overview of Salzburg, Leo introduces you to the history of World War II and the history of the Sound of Music film in Salzburg on his Nuns & Nazis Tour.

Both of the walking tours take place in the Old Town. So, to explore the city’s surroundings, we created the Lonely Goatherd Bike Tour in 2022. The bike tour takes you out of the city, not only to explore the surroundings but also to see more locations of the Sound of Music film and maybe even re-enact scenes and sing the songs.

Upcoming Tours

Get prepared with the Blog!

In addition to providing tours of Salzburg, we also write a blog in order to prepare you for your visit upfront. The topics we cover are a range from sightseeing to food and day trips. Everything that matters to independent travelers. Check it out to learn more!