Mirabell: A Baroque Odyssey

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1.5 Hours

“Mirabell: A Baroque Odyssey” is more than just a walking tour – it’s a journey into the heart of Salzburg’s Baroque heritage. This 1.5-hour exploration is designed for the curious, for those who yearn to uncover the layers of history and mythology hidden within the walls and gardens of Mirabell.

Highlights of the Mirabell Tour

Prepare to immerse yourself in tales of power, ambition, and artistry. Let the Baroque era come alive as you explore the landscapes of the Mirabell Gardens, marvel at the striking architecture, and delve into the narratives immortalized in stone. From the rulers who left their mark to the Greek and Roman gods who found a home in these gardens, your journey is filled with intrigue and wonder.

Meeting Point: Caldera at Makartplatz

Our tour begins at a Modern Art Piece called Caldera at Makartplatz Square, close to the entrance of Mirabell Garden. The five-meter-high bronze sculpture by British artist Tony Cragg stands as a contrast amidst the historical backdrop of Mozart’s Residence, the Trinity church, and the state theater.

Caldera by Tony Cragg

The Caldera, interpreted as everything from Mozart’s wig to a volcanic crater, is a striking sight, especially in spring when framed by blooming Magnolia trees. We look forward to starting our journey through time at this unique location.

What to Expect from the Mirabell Tour

Expect a dynamic blend of historical exploration, cultural understanding, and practical information. The tour provides insights into local music scenes and venues around the Mirabell Gardens. It unravels intriguing connections between the past and present, revealing how the figures of mythology continue to shape contemporary culture. More than just a walk through a beautiful garden, this tour is a narrative journey.

Mirabell Garden is Salzburg in a microcosm. The “Baroque Odyssey” is a stand-alone tour but also the perfect sequel to the Free Walking Tour, delving into Mirabell Garden, which encapsulates the essence of Salzburg.

Unveiling the Secrets of Mirabell Gardens

At first glance, the Mirabell Gardens might simply strike you as a beautiful landscape, but there is much more beneath the surface. This garden is a living gallery, a silent symphony of art and history waiting to be explored.

On this tour, we bring to life the divine family saga of the hero statues that watch over the garden, each connected by mythical ties and steeped in legend. We’ll delve into the intriguing tales and symbolic significance of the dwarf statues that dot the landscape, turning every corner into a storybook page.

Dwarf Garden Dwarf Mirabell Garden

We’ll take you to one of the oldest outdoor music venues in Europe, and unravel the principles of Baroque garden design that shape this garden utopia. We’ll discuss the fate of the palace after the era of the archbishops, and shed light on the festival’s attempts to lay claim to the garden.

From unraveling an imperial murder plot to decoding the symbols hidden in plain sight, we transform Mirabell Gardens from a pretty park into a treasure trove of stories. With each step, you’ll see the garden through a new lens, making “Mirabell: A Baroque Odyssey” a journey of discovery and understanding.

And while the Garden is studded with photo spots, the most iconic among them is the famed Do-Re-Mi steps. This quintessential location, a touchstone for fans of “The Sound of Music,” offers you a unique opportunity. Here, you can re-enact the joyful song sequence and capture memorable snapshots.

Grand Finale: The Palace and the Marble Hall

As the tour nears its end, we guide you to the Palace, an edifice that currently houses the city government. Despite its official function, the palace harbors a hidden gem – the grand staircase leading to the majestic Marble Hall.

Mirabell Palace Castle Marble Hall Wedding Venue

This staircase, adorned with cherubs, more historical/mythological figures, and baroque decorations, is a prelude to what lies ahead – the Marble Hall, once the prince archbishop’s ballroom is now one of the world’s most beautiful wedding halls.

In the Marble Hall, you’ll sense the echoes of past grandeur, the whispers of royal banquets, concerts, and balls that once filled this space. Consider this part of the tour a grand finale, a high note on which to end our journey through Mirabell.

More Information

  • Duration

1.5 hours

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  • English
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  • Printed Map of Mirabell Garden highlighting key features and points of interest.
  • Beautiful postcard featuring a view of Mirabell Gardens.
  • Concert discounts for our guests to enjoy concerts at the Marble Hall.

  • Licensed Guide with Expert Knowledge and Enthusiasm for Mirabell.
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Our Mirabell Gardens Walking Tours are special experiences, curated with care and attention to detail. As such, they do not occur daily, but are scheduled days or weeks in advance. This allows us to ensure that every tour is a memorable journey through the history and beauty of the gardens. If a tour is scheduled, we recommend that you book well in advance to secure your spot. This is important during peak travel seasons, when spots fill up quickly. By booking ahead, you can ensure that you don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to explore one of Salzburg’s most enchanting locations. Please check the schedule below for the available dates and times.

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Unfortunately, this tour is not wheelchair accessible.

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Price: €19,- per Person

The Mirabell Gardens Walking Tour is priced at €19 per person. This cost ensures you a spot on our intimate and immersive journey through one of Salzburg’s most enchanting locations.

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This Tour is Currently Unavailable

We’re sorry, but at this time, there are no scheduled dates for this activity. We hope to offer it again soon!

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