With the Nuns and Nazis tour, Leo covers a topic of personal interest to him and thereby enables you to dive deep into the history of world war II in Salzburg.

The meeting point for the Nuns & Nazis tour is right behind Mirabell garden.

Mirabell is one of the three most important landmarks in Salzburg. It’s a great place to start our exploration of the old town, walking all the way from one end to the other while learning about the dark history of the Third Reich in Salzburg combined with the lighter theme of the Sound of Music and visiting the filming locations and learning the real story of the Trapp family.

In 2 hours Leo covers the cornerstones of World War II in Salzburg with the background of the Trapp family and the famous 1965 blockbuster that was made about them and still attracts people to Salzburg today.

What is the Nuns & Nazis Walking Tour about?

The Nuns & Nazis Tour is about the Second World War in Salzburg. Salzburg is unique because we are famous for a feel-good movie set in one of the darkest times in Europe. On this tour, we will not go into general history, because that is what the Free Walking Tour is for, but we will dive deep into World War II, as well as the history of the Trapp family and the story of the movie that was made about them. Traces of the Nazi era can still be found in Salzburg today, and in fact, your guide Leo’s family history is influenced by World War II. That is why he offers this tour.

Your Guide on the Nuns & Nazis Tour

Your guide on the world war two tour is Leo. He is doing these tours due to personal interest. Leo has been doing bike tours about the Trapp family and the movie for years. On the one hand, he can’t get enough of people’s love for the movie. On the other hand, he has a personal connection to WWII, since his family from his father’s side is Jewish and Leo was raised in the Jewish religion by his father, while his sister was raised catholic by their mother whose family is Christian.

Tour Details

To maintain a personal and enjoyable experience for all, we limit our tour groups to a maximum of 25 individuals. Therefore, bookings are required. In case you can’t make it for some reason, please cancel in order to release the spot for someone else.


In 2 hours you get in-depth knowledge of the second world war in Salzburg as well as insider knowledge of the Trapp Family history.


Like the Free Tour, the Nuns and Nazis walking tours are in the English language.


The Price for our second world war tour of Salzburg is €15,- per person. Children under 14 years pay € 12,- and under 6 years are free.

Reviews of the Tours

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5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
After really enjoying the Free Walking Tour, my boyfriend and I wanted to see/learn more so decided to join the Nuns and Nazis Tour – and loved it!
Leo is a very friendly, engaging, and interesting tour guide with…
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5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
5 star rating
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Nuns and Nazis walking tour was very interesting even though two of us haven’t watched the Sound of Music movie beforehand. The tour was a nice combination of…
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Nuns & Nazis Tour Meeting Point

The meeting point for the Nuns and Nazis walking tour of Salzburg is a tree in Kurgarten near Mirabell gardens. The tree is surrounded by benches. Therefore, it’s a comfortable place to wait for Leo.

Nuns and Nazis Second World War Tour Salzburg

The Places we visit

The places we visit on the Nuns & Nazis tour are places, where the major events of world war two took place but also places where stories of individuals are being told. For example the true stories of Captain van Trapp and his family but also stories of the filming of the Hollywood movie. We visit many must-see sights but also lesser-known places and end the tour at the Nonnberg abbey with an epic view of the mountains.

This Walking Tour covers the following Topics

  • Where are the filming locations of the famous 1965 movie about the Trapp family in the old town of Salzburg?
  • How did Austrians think about the German national socialist regime before the Anschluss?
  • Why have most German speakers never heard about the Trapp Family?
  • What happened in Salzburg during the Second World War?
  • How did the events of the second world war influence the Salzburg of today?
  • Why was captain van Trapps stance on the Nazi regime different?
  • How accurate was the portrayal of the Trapp family’s history in the film?

What’s included in the Tour?

Sunset Postcard by Free Walking Tour Salzburg

Nuns & Nazis Walking Tour Schedule

Book the Second World War Tour of Salzburg by clicking your desired date in the calendar below!

In the event that the tours are fully booked, you are still welcome to show up at the meeting point. We cannot guarantee a spot in that case, but we will do our best to accommodate you, and you can at least grab a printed city map, and a free postcard, and get some personal recommendations.

Because we guarantee a personal experience and we like to get to know our guests, tours are limited to 25 participants. Therefore, reservations are required. You find all upcoming tours in the calendar above. Click on the date to reserve your spots!

There is no limit on the number of people you can bring on this tour, but if you are with a larger group, you could consider the option of requesting a private WWII and Trapp family tour instead.

Frequently Asked Question

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions of the Nuns and Nazis Tour. You can use this page to inform yourself. If you have a question that is not answered here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Questions About Reservations

To guarantee small groups and high quality, we have a limit of 20-25 participants. To book your spot, click here. If you would like to join last minute or if the tour is full you can contact us. In case you can’t take part in the tours you booked, please cancel as soon as possible to give other travelers the chance to join.

We schedule the tour between 5 and 14 days in advance depending on the season and guide availability. If your desired time is still not on the schedule, please check again later. In case there is no tour on the desired date and time, you can also inquire about a private tour. Private tours have a fixed price but they are exclusive and excellent.

You are welcome to show up without a ticket or when tickets are sold out. We can, however, not guarantee a spot under these circumstances. You will be on a waiting list and we will do our best to get you a spot but we also try to stay within our limitations to provide the most pleasant experience for everyone.

In case you want to change or reschedule we ask you to do it as early as possible. The spots on the tour are limited to 25 persons. By canceling early you make your ticket available to someone else. The link to cancel your reservation can be found in the booking confirmation and you can also contact us to cancel your reservation.

Questions About The Tour

Ask at the reception or search the address from your booking confirmation on Google Maps. Walking is the best mode of transport in Salzburg. Except for some hotels on the outskirts, everything in Salzburg is within walking distance. Google enabled offline maps so I recommend downloading the map of Salzburg and follow their lead.

Every tour starts on time so please try to be punctual. We leave the meeting point a few minutes after the starting time. In case you are late or you can’t find the meeting point, please inform us via the WhatsApp number provided in the booking confirmation before the tour starts. That way, we are able to share our live location with you and you will be able to track the group. In case you inform us after the start of the tour, our phones are on mute and we can’t be reached anymore.

The Nuns & Nazis Tour is not wheelchair accessible because we end the tour by climbing the stairs to the Nonnberg abbey. But in case stairs are a problem for you, you are welcome to send us a message and we might be able to change the route.

We walk about two kilometers. The sights are within easy walking distance from each other. At the end of the tour, we climb 140 steps to the Nonnberg abbey. That doesn’t take more than a few minutes and we are rewarded with a fantastic view of the Alps.

The tour ends at Nonnberg abbey close to the old town. Nonnberg Abbey would be a good place to continue exploring on the footpath to the fortress. It is also a good place to stop and enjoy the view or visit the interior of the church of Nonnberg Abbey.

We will walk with you under any circumstances as long as they are not dangerous. In fact, freezing temperatures and rain are typical for Salzburg and we will embrace it as special. Salzburgs rain even has a name. It’s called “string rain” because it’s raining small drops and can last for days. That is because of its geographic location. More about it on the tour.

We have no photo stops scheduled, but it doesn’t bother us if you take pictures while we walk and talk. In fact, we like to be photographed and shared on social media or wherever you share pictures. Please tag us and send us links or emails. We are happy to see and share your content.

To protect the copyright that goes into the tours we do not allow video and audio recordings. Copyright protects the tours, same as other forms of art.  The stories we share were collected and crafted over time. They result from hard work, study, and research and you can show your appreciation by listening.

Do you Still have Questions?

If you still have questions, please contact us via any of the options on the contact page.