Nuns and Nazis Walking Tour

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2.5 Hours

With the Nuns and Nazis tour, Leo covers a topic of personal interest to him and thereby enables you to dive deep into the history of world war II in Salzburg. The meeting point for the Nuns & Nazis tour is right behind Mirabell Garden.

Mirabell is one of the three most important landmarks in Salzburg. It’s a great place to start our exploration of the old town, walking all the way from one end to the other while learning about the dark history of the Third Reich in Salzburg combined with the lighter theme of the Sound of Music and visiting the filming locations and learning the real story of the Trapp family.

In 2 hours Leo covers the cornerstones of World War II in Salzburg with the background of the Trapp family and the famous 1965 blockbuster that was made about them and still attracts people to Salzburg today.

What is the Nuns & Nazis Tour about?

The Nuns & Nazis Tour is about the Second World War in Salzburg. Salzburg is unique because we are famous for a feel-good movie set in one of the darkest times in Europe. On this tour, we will not go into general history, because that is what the Free Walking Tour is for, but we will dive deep into World War II, as well as the history of the Trapp family and the story of the movie that was made about them. Traces of the Nazi era can still be found in Salzburg today, and in fact, your guide Leo’s family history is influenced by World War II. That is why he offers this tour.

The Places We Visit on this Walking Tour

The places we visit on the Nuns & Nazis tour are places, where the major events of world war two took place but also places where stories of individuals are being told. For example, the true stories of Captain van Trapp and his family but also stories of the filming of the Hollywood movie. We visit many must-see sights but also lesser-known places and end the tour at the Nonnberg abbey, with an epic view of the mountains.

Your Guide on the Nuns & Nazis Tour

Your guide on the world war two tour is Leo. He is doing these tours due to personal interest. Leo has been doing bike tours about the Trapp family and the movie for years. On the one hand, he can’t get enough of people’s love for the movie. On the other hand, he has a personal connection to WWII, since his family from his father’s side is Jewish, and Leo was raised in the Jewish religion by his father, while his sister was raised catholic by their mother, whose family is Christian.

Nuns & Nazis Tour Meeting Point

The meeting point for the Nuns and Nazis walking tour of Salzburg is a tree in Kurgarten near Mirabell gardens. The tree is surrounded by benches. Therefore, it’s a comfortable place to wait for Leo.

This Walking Tour Covers the Following Topics

  • Where are the filming locations of the famous 1965 movie about the Trapp family in the old town of Salzburg?
  • How did Austrians think about the German national socialist regime before the Anschluss?
  • Why have most German speakers never heard about the Trapp Family?
  • What happened in Salzburg during the Second World War?
  • How did the events of the second world war influence the Salzburg of today?
  • Why was Captain van Trapp’s stance on the Nazi regime different?
  • How accurate was the portrayal of the Trapp family’s history in the film?

More Information

  • Duration

2.5 hours

  • Language
  • English
  • Included
  • Must-Know Facts & Stories about WWII and the Trapp Family
  • 25 > Wonderful People like Yourself
  • 1 x City Map with Things to See, Do and Eat after the Tour
  • Unlimited Postcards with our own Photography
  • 1 x Licensed Local Austria Guide
  • When to book?

Just one Nuns & Nazis Tour is slated for August 2023, on the 10th. Don’t miss your chance to experience this unique journey, book your spot!

  • Accessibility

Unfortunately, this tour is not wheelchair accessible.

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Pets allowed

Price: €15,- per Person

The Price for our second world war tour of Salzburg is €15,- per person. Children under 14 years pay € 12,- and under 6 years are free.

This Tour is Currently Unavailable

We’re sorry, but at this time, there are no scheduled dates for this activity. We hope to offer it again soon!

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This Tour is Currently Unavailable

We’re sorry, but at this time, there are no scheduled dates for this activity. We hope to offer it again soon!

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