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The 10 CLOSEST Hotels near Salzburg Train Station

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Are you planning a trip to Salzburg and looking for a hotel near the train station? Look no further! While it may not be necessary to book a hotel at or near the train station (since the old town is only a 15-minute walk away and public transport in Salzburg is efficient), we’ve handpicked the ten closest hotels near Salzburg train station that cater to all types of travelers. Whether you’re a budget-conscious traveler or a luxury seeker, we’ve got you covered.

But let’s be real, who wants to lug their luggage around the beautiful Salzburg when they could be sipping on a warm mug of Glühwein (mulled wine) and taking in the sights and sounds of the city?

Without further ado, here’s our list of the 10 closest hotels to Salzburg central station:

1. Arte Hotel: Train Enthusiasts Rejoice!

Are you ready for a train-tastic stay in Salzburg? Look no further than the Arte Hotel, located a stone’s throw away from Salzburg HBF (aka the train station)! This hotel opened its doors in 2019 and is located in the shiny new Perron building, which is so close to the train station that you could almost high-five the conductor.

But don’t let its proximity to the train station fool you, the views from the upper floors of this glass-clad building are out of this world. And speaking of views, the trainspotting lounge on the first floor will make you giddy with excitement as you watch the trains roll by while sipping a steaming cup of coffee. And if you’re not a hotel guest, no worries! The hotel’s top-floor bar is open to everyone and is the perfect spot to take in the city’s skyline with a drink in hand.

The hotel’s 120 rooms and studios are decked out in an urban design, and the old town is just a 10-minute walk away. So whether you’re a train enthusiast or just looking for a centrally located hotel, the Arte Hotel is a perfect choice. Pack your bags and get ready for a one-of-a-kind stay in Salzburg!

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2. H+ Hotel: Convenience at its Finest

Looking for a hotel so close to the train station you could almost roll out of bed and onto the train? Look no further than the H+! This hotel is located just 50 meters from the main entrance of Salzburg HBF, making it the ultimate convenience for travelers. With 120 simple but comfortable rooms, a breakfast buffet, a hotel bar, and wellness and fitness amenities, the H+ has everything you need for a comfortable stay. The staff is always friendly and helpful and always happy to give recommendations and make guests feel welcome. Whether you’re in town for business or pleasure, the H+ is the perfect choice for hotels near Salzburg HBF.

3. K6 Rooms: Experience Salzburg’s Trolley History

Looking for a budget hotel with a unique and fun theme near Salzburg HBF? Look no further than the K6 Rooms! This hotel, which is just 100 meters straight from the train station, offers 14 rooms decorated in a modern industrial style with a focus on telling the story of the trolley buses of Salzburg. The hotel used to belong to the Salzburger Hof, a traditional hotel on the other side of the street, which has since closed. The staff at K6 rooms is always friendly and welcoming, and the location is unbeatable for those arriving or departing by train. So if you’re looking for a hotel that combines convenience and quirkiness, the K6 Rooms is a perfect choice.

4. Wyndham Grand: Business Meets Pleasure

Looking for a hotel that combines business and pleasure? Look no further than the Wyndham Grand, a 4-star hotel and conference center just 2 minutes from Salzburg HBF. This hotel is perfect for business travelers as it offers all the amenities they could need, such as a gym, swimming pool, sauna, and fully-equipped rooms. But it’s also popular with tourists looking for a convenient location, stunning accommodations, and superb facilities. With 262 rooms available, the Wyndham Grand is one of the closest hotels to Salzburg HBF and offers a perfect blend of comfort and luxury. Whether you’re in Salzburg for business or pleasure, the Wyndham Grand is an ideal choice.

5. A&O: Explore Salzburg on a Budget

Want to experience Salzburg on a budget but still be close to the train station? The A&O hostel is one of the few hostels in Salzburg and the biggest one with about 600 beds, perfect for backpackers and budget travelers. It may feel like a factory and is actually located in an old factory building, but the prices in low season drop as low as 11 euros a night, making it a great budget-friendly option. However, be aware that they charge extra for the sheets. A&O hostel is recommended if you’re on a tight budget, but if that’s the case and you want a hotel close to the station, it’s definitely worth checking out!

If you’re looking for more hostel recommendations in Salzburg, check out my article on hostels in Salzburg! I have worked in a hostel in Salzburg for almost a decade and provide helpful information such as hostel locations, amenities, reviews, and more.

6. Wolfgangs: Get More for Your Money

Looking for a hostel near Salzburg HBF that doesn’t skimp on amenities? Look no further than Wolfgangs! Though it is managed by the neighboring A&O hostel, Wolfgangs combines hotel standards with budget prices. Just 400 meters from the train station, this hotel is an excellent option for those looking to save money while still enjoying comfortable accommodations. While the area around the station is known to be a bit dodgy, Wolfgangs offers a safe and comfortable stay within walking distance from the station. So if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option that doesn’t compromise on quality, Wolfgangs is a perfect choice.

7. Hotel Europa: Step Back in Time

Looking for a hotel with a bit of history and a bird’s-eye view of Salzburg? Look no further than the Hotel Europa! This hotel was built after WWII to replace the damaged Grand Hotel Europa. At the time, in the 50s, it was the first skyscraper in Salzburg, and it’s still the tallest building today. The Hotel Europa has everything you need for a comfortable stay with 103 rooms, a café with a bar on the ground floor, a panoramic restaurant on the 15th floor, and three event spaces on a dedicated floor. Plus, its location next to the Salzburg HBF makes it the perfect choice for travelers looking for easy access to the train station.

8. Hohenstauffen: The Charm of a Family-Run Hotel

Want an accommodation that feels like home, with a touch of nostalgia and a friendly and knowledgeable staff? Look no further than the Hohenstauffen! This quaint hotel has been family-run for over a hundred years. The decor may be traditional and dated, but that only adds to the charm. You can feel the personal touch in every corner. And if you’re looking for a conversation about the current state of affairs in Salzburg, the owner who at times runs the reception is always happy to chat, which I experienced several times when bringing flyers. The hotel is located 300 meters away from the train station, giving you the perfect combination of quaintness and convenience while not breaking the bank.

9. Lasserhof: Personalized Service and Convenience

Looking for a place to stay near Salzburg Central Station that offers a personal touch and is conveniently located near the sights and the train station? Look no further than the Lasserhof! This three-star accommodation is located just a few meters from the back entrance of Salzburg HBF, making it easy to access for travelers. The hotel also offers concierge service, making it the perfect choice for those looking for extra help during their stay. With its small size and individual atmosphere, the Lasserhof is an excellent choice for those looking for a hotel that offers a personal touch and a convenient location near the sights and the train station.

10. Hotel Cocoon: Find Your Peaceful Retreat

Looking for a Salzburg train station hotel that’s modern, stylish, and offers a peaceful retreat after a busy day of exploring Salzburg? Look no further than the Hotel Cocoon! This hotel, which opened in 2022, is a chain hotel from Munich, with Salzburg being the first location outside Munich. The Cocoon offers a unique concept inspired by the butterfly – the hotel’s design references the butterfly, with the rooms designed to be peaceful refuges while there is loud music and crazy design at the reception. Colorful on the outside, calm on the inside. The hotel boasts 119 modern rooms with comfortable amenities. Even though the reception area can be lively with fun decor and music, the rooms are designed to be as quiet as possible. And with its location, just a short walk from Salzburg HBF, the Hotel Cocoon is the perfect choice for those looking for a modern and convenient option near the train station.

It’s located in the direction of the old town, 200 meters from Salzburg Central Station but also only 700 meters from Mirabell Palace, where the old town begins. The Cocoon is, therefore, in a central location. But as I mentioned before, a more central location in Salzburg means a few hundred meters closer since everything is close to the train station and the old town.

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