What is the Salzburg card?

Gerhard Reus and the 24 hour Salzburg Card

The Salzburg Card allows you admission to most of the attractions in Salzburg at a fixed price. There are 24 hour, 48 hour and 72 hour Salzburg cards allowing you free admission within those timeframes. You can visit all the museums, head out to Hellbrunn palace where the trick fountains are and take a river cruise and a cable car to the peak of Untersberg. It includes as well buses to these places and public transport in the city center. The city center however is walkable and you will only need bus number 25 for the Cable Car and Hellbrunn.

Is the Salzburg Card worth buying?

Provided you have time and you want to visit at least two attractions that otherwise require an entrance fee, it is worth buying the card. It is the best deal you can get and by far the best city card I have seen anywhere. Right now it’s €29,- for a 24 hour card from May till November and €26,- in winter. If you only visit the fortress and Mozarts birthplace you are almost there. So you get lots of entrances as a free extra if you get the card instead of paying single tickets. Furthermore, you can often skip the lines by just scanning your card.

Is the Salzburg Card really worth buying?

Well, the Untersberg Cable Car for example is €25,- for a return ticket. It’s included in a €29,- Card and it includes bus number 25 to get there. Meaning even if you only do the Cable car it’s cheaper to get the Card. With the Card, however, you also visit Hellbrunn palace, the trick fountains and the Salzburg Zoo if you wish to. It’s on the way of bus number 25.

Then you get back to the city and take the funicular to the fortress, visit Mozarts birthplace and Mozarts residence, the Salzburg Museum and Domquartier, take a tour in the concert hall, take an elevator up to the museum of Modern art and a cruise ship along the Salzach river. All for the same price the Cable Car would cost without the Card.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Sounds like I Am advertising the card, right? I am not. I am just a fan of it and would recommend it to everyone. I could sell them and get a 10% commission but that’s not the reason I want you to buy one. I want you to buy a Salzburg card to make the most out of your stay in Salzburg.

When not to buy the Salzburg card?

If you don’t have time because you already have other plans, if you only spend a few hours in the city or if you don’t want to spend any money at all. It is fine to walk Salzburg for a few hours to see the main sights and even if you stay for days you can still find things you can do for free. The city is small and there is enough to see entering none of the paid sights.

If you only do one thing in Salzburg, make it the fortress! And if you only do the fortress, you don’t need the card. If you don’t want to pay for the fortress either, go after closing time. Read our guide on things to do for free for more information on that. But if you do pay for the fortress and for one more activity and you have a little extra time it is again already worth getting the card. Think about it!

What does the Salzburg Card include?

The Salzburg Card includes all the highlights of the city. I will provide you with a list of things to do with the Salzburg Card from the most recommended to the least recommended. This list changes according to interests and with a 72 hour card you have more time to even do things i am not mentioning in this list.

In this article I assume however that your time is limited and I don’t want to include all that there is. If you want to make your own plan, you will get a very informative brochure when you purchase the Salzburg Card. This list reflects my own preferences and expertise.

#1 Hohensalzburg Fortress

Hoher Stock Festung Hohensalzburg Audio Guided Tour

If you only visit one sight, make it this one. The view is spectacular. From the old town of Salzburg you can’t see the alps because there is Mönchsberg, one of the house mountains, in between. From the fortress however you see not only the city from above but on the southern side you have an impressive panoramic view.

There are museums like a string puppet museum, the fortress museum and the Rainer museum, an audio guided tour up a tower, a church, a restaurant and several viewpoints. You can spend awhile at the fortress and should visit the museums, especially the audio guided one because that’s the only way to get up one of the towers.

However, it is mainly about the view in my opinion. If you want to get into the fortress without visiting the museums and without a Salzburg card , read this post to find out how. The state rooms require an extra fee if you arrive after 11am. My recommendation is to skip them but if you want to see them, go before 11am or pay the extra few euros.

With the Salzburg Card you can skip the line at the funicular by scanning your card. The audio guided tour to the tower is included in the Card.

#2 Untersberg Cable Car

This activity alone makes it worth getting the Salzburg card. It would cost you €25,- without the card. Bus number 25 takes you from Mirabell square to the cable car and is included in the card. The cable car is the last stop of bus number 25. Buses run every 20 minutes and stop right in front of the cable car so it is as easy as it could be.

The cable car takes you up to 1776 meters/5826 feet above sea level. If the conditions are good, you can see all the way to the other side of the lake district and far into Germany. There are two restaurants with good Austrian food and there is an easy 30 minutes hike to the top of the mountain on the Austrian side, the Salzburger Hochthron with its 1852 meters.

With the Salzburg Card you can skip the line at the cable car by scanning your card.Know that there is maintenance work twice a year. Once in spring and once in autumn. Check beforehand if it is operating while you are in Salzburg!

#3 Hellbrunn Palace and Trick Fountains (Zoo and folklore museum optional)

Hellbrunn Trick Fountain Tour

Hellbrunn palace and the trick fountains are on the same bus as the cable car, bus number 25. For efficiency I would recommend you visit Hellbrunn on your way back from the cable car. More on the efficient use of the Salzburg card below. The trick fountains are only open in summer. A visit to Hellbrunn is recommended anyway but i only consider it a must if the trick fountains are operating.

The card includes the guided tour you need to access the trick fountains.

To be honest, I thought the fountains are for children until I visited them for the first time. In fact they have an interesting history and are a lot of fun. You have to join a guided tour to access the trick fountains. Their guides are knowledgeable and entertaining. Be prepared to get wet. There is no way to predict where the water comes from.

The museum in the castle is good. You get an audio guide and get to understand what the castle was. Don’t miss that. The museum is also open in winter. Furthermore, there is a park you should look at. In the park there is a folklore museum, the yellow building on the hill and on the other side of the hill there is the Salzburg Zoo. The Zoo and the folklore museum are a preference I would say. If you go to the folklore museum, you can take some stairs a little further up to get a view all the way to the city.

#4 Concert Hall Tour

There is only one tour to the Concert Halls at 2pm every day. The Salzburg festival is one of the main topics in Salzburg, however, without explanation you won’t notice it. The tour is included and the guides are fantastic. You get to see the old summer horse riding school from the inside. One scene from the sound of music. You also get to see either the big or the small concert hall and learn a lot in those 50 minutes. Everyone should join one of these tours when it is anyway included in the card.

The card includes the guided tour, the only way to see the concert hall without attending a concert.

#5 Mozart Birthplace

Mozart Birthplace

The birthplace is one of the main sights in Salzburg. Seeing it from the outside while strolling through Getreidegasse is enough, if you are not interested in Mozarts history. It’s information, no original furniture. Some paintings and some leftovers and in high season many people visiting. But. You already know the deal. It’s all included so you want to do everything you can.

#6 Mozart Residence

Mozart Residence entrance

Same goes for Mozarts Residence. The history of the house is interesting. Half of it got damaged during world war II and rebuilt in 1996. A Japanese insurance company mainly financed the reconstruction. Between the “Mozart Wohnhaus” sign and the Austrian flag you can see a white line. That’s where the original house ends and the reconstruction starts. Otherwise there are letters the Mozart family wrote, pieces of Mozart, instruments and other legacies. Go there. It’s free with the card.

#7 Domquartier

Domquartier Herkules

Domquartier is my favorite history museum in Salzburg. It opened in 2014. Together with the Salzburg Museum it’s the main places to learn about Salzburg history. With Domquartier it’s worth visiting even if you are not into museums. Your walk begins in the old residence but leads from the staterooms to parts of the cathedral that would otherwise not be accessible. It leads you to the western gallery where the big organ is and from there to parts of Saint Peters monastery before you get back to the old residence. So even if you are not into museums, go there and walk the building!

The audio guide in Domquartier is included in the Salzburg card. It’s especially nice to explore the state rooms and learn about the art on the ceiling.

#8 Salzburg Museum and Panorama Museum

The Salzburg museum is equally worth visiting as Domquartier. There is an audio guide and if you really want to go deep, borrow it and take your time. Especially if you are not on a tight schedule.

One more thing is the Panorama. It has a separate entrance so make sure to not miss it! The panorama painting shows you Salzburg and its surrounding from 1829 in a 25 meter long and 5 meter high 360 degree painting with view from the fortress. Whats most fascinating about this painting is its history. There were no photographs yet and the painter after finishing took his art in a horse carriage and toured Europe for 10 years to introduce Salzburg to the world.

#9 Sound of Music World

This is for the true fans. The Sound of music world only opened in 2018. When I heard that there is a museum about the movie I didn’t expect much. I thought someone wants to make a quick buck but after visiting I can tell you it’s nice. The present the appealingly. There are interviews to watch and listen and things to learn about our favourite movie and about the real Trapp family. If you are into the Sound of Music I would recommend going there.

#10 Catacombs

The catacombs are at Saint Peters cemetery. I would recommend them for the view from the windows and for the experience of being in these caves. I would also recommend them because you will want to visit the cemetery at some point anyways. And again. The catacombs are free with the card.

#11 River Cruise

River Cruise Boat in Salzburg

The river cruise is fun. The captain engaging and entertaining. When you get back to the old town the boat dances to a waltz. During the ride you get some information. However Salzburg is small and you are out of the old town in no time. There is not a lot to see along the river. But again. It’s free with the card, it’s fun and if you don’t have other plans, go for it!

The card includes the ticket for the cruise. You should get it some time before you go on the boat. More about the best timing to get the ticket in the guide on efficient use below.

#12 Mönchsberglift and Museum of Modern Art

Museum of Modern Art in Salzburg

I don’t consider the museum a must but the elevator is amazing because of the stunning view from the top. If you like modern art, visit the museum. If you want to take a picture or enjoy the night view, just take the elevator! The viewpoint is one of the best in the city and the way to get there couldn’t be easier.

#13 Haus der Natur

The house of nature, the natural science museum, is especially nice for children. It’s also nice because it’s old and has a long tradition. When I was a child some parts of the museum already where the way they are nowadays but they also added modern elements like the science center. I wouldn’t consider the museum a must but if you are traveling with children or if you have enough time in the city and with the Salzburg card, it’s certainly recommended.

When can I skip the line? Where are tours included?

Whenever you have to take a tour to enter a place like Hellbrunn or the concert halls, the tour is included. Fast track entry is included at all the places where it’s necessary. Actually the funicular to the fortress is the only place that gets crowded enough to wait in line for and there you just scan your card and go. Don’t worry about these things too much. Once you have a schedule you can go on autopilot.

The Discounts

There are 20% discounts for tours and other activities. You can find them on the backside of the brochure. In my humble opinion, however, they are not worth considering. They are also only valid during the time the Salzburg card is valid and you have a lot of things to do for free so I would recommend to stick to those.

Another possibility would be to try to purchase the ticket for whatever activity you are up to while your Salzburg card is valid even if the time of the activity is later. And it’s worth mentioning that it is up to the service provider if they accept your card for discounts after expiration. Just don’t use it for discounted activities during the time you have all these free activities.

Which public transport is included in the Salzburg card?

The Salzburg Card includes no trains and doesn’t include buses for day trips. It includes buses in the city center but you do not need them. The only bus that included and necessary is number 25 to the Untersberg cable car and to Hellbrunn palace. The cable car is a must if it’s open and if you have a card and Hellbrunn is on the way so you should visit as well.

Other recommended sights included in the card are within walking distance. There are exceptions like the Stiegl brewery and Hangar 7 which you might want to check out but they are not my favorites and are therefore not mentioned in this list. For more information read our Salzburg public transport post!

How much does a Salzburg Card cost?

Salzburg Card Prices 2019

6-15 years
Low Season: 1st November – 30th April
24 hours€26,-€13,-
48 hours€34,-€17,-
72 hours€39,-€19,50
High Season: 1st May – 31st October
24 hours€29,-€14,50
48 hours€38,-€19,-
72 hours€44,-€22,-

There are 24 hour, 48 hour and 72 hour Salzburg cards available. As of now, 2019, the price for the 24 hour card is 29,- in summer and €26,- in winter. The prices increase by a euro or two every year. The 48 hour card is 38,- which is not a lot more and the 72 hour card is €44,-. More on which one to get in the next chapter. Now lets do the math. How much money can you save on a 24 hour Salzburg card in summer 2019?

Untersberg Cable car: €25,-

Dayticket for the bus: €6,-

Hohensalzburg Fortress: €12,90

Hellbrunn palace and fountains: €12,50

Domquartier: €13,-

Festival Halls Tour: €7,-

Mozart houses combi ticket: €18,-

Mönchsberg Elevator: €3,80

Salzach Cruise: €15,-

Salzburg Museum: €9,-

Total: €122,20 if you can manage to do all these things. In these calculations I only included the things I would want to do with the card. Not the Museum of Modern Art, not the natural science museum and no sound of music world. With a 48 hour card you can include these other sights and save even more.

There is no student discount on Salzburg cards but tickets for children up to the age of 15 years are half price. You might have to go to the tourist information to purchase the children card. Children under the age of 6 get free admission to the museums anyway.

Where to buy a Salzburg Card?

If you are joining one of our free walking tours in Salzburg, you can ask your guide for a card. If it’s me I have 24 hour cards in my backpack but we are all independent and others might not but they are happy to point you to the next place where you can purchase one.

Don’t buy the Salzburg card online. There is no need to. Your hotel probably has Salzburg cards at the reception. They are the same price everywhere so it doesn’t matter if you get them from the hotel or from the tourist information. Also they activate when you use them the first time so it doesn’t matter when you buy them.

Some hotels only have 24 hour cards. In that case go to the tourist information either at Mozart square or at the train station. If you already know you will get the card, buy it when you arrive at the station. This way you can use it early in the morning the next day when going to the cable car.

Should I get a 24h or a 48h Salzburg Card?

If you have the time go for the 48 hour card. More than that is unnecessary because you can do most attractions within 48 hours. 24 hour Salzburg cards are fine if you don’t have more time but you will have to skip some sights and you will have to plan better. The 48 hour cards only cost €9,- more than the 24 hour card so it is worth it if you have two days and you have planned nothing for your second day.

In case time doesn’t matter for you, in case you are staying for many days, you can also get the 72 hour card. If time matters, however, rather than getting the 72 hour card i would plan to see as much as you can within the 48 hour timeframe. Instead of spending three days with the Salzburg card, have a look at this article and plan a day trip for the third day.

How to activate the Salzburg card?

To validate the Salzburg card you have to fill in the fields on the back and use it. It activates once the museum scans the card. The reason you need to write your name, the date and the time is that the buses don’t have a scanner, and the card is not transferable. Now there is a way to get free transport even with an expired card but I will not point that out.

How long is the Salzburg Card valid?

The card is valid for 24, 48 or 72 hours from the moment you activate it to the same time the next day, the day after tomorrow or even the day after that. So it doesn’t matter when you activate it. It will not expire at the end of the day.

Can I use a Salzburg card for Hallstatt?

No! However you get a 20% discount for the Salt Mines in Hallstatt but it’s still not worth getting the card because it takes an entire day to go to Hallstatt. Don’t get a Salzburg card if you are planning to go to Hallstatt! Read this instead to find out how to best go to Hallstatt!

Does the Salzburg Card include the Sound of Music Tour?

The Salzburg Card doesn’t include the Sound of Music Tour. If you are really into the movie and want to join the Sound of Music Tour, read this!

Find out about the Salzburg Land Card!

For those of you staying in Salzburg and its surroundings for at least a week the Salzburg Land card is interesting. “Land” meaning the state of Salzburg, the Salzburg Land card covers attractions all over the state of Salzburg. Attractions like spas, cable cars and fortresses that would otherwise be expensive for a fixed price. You can get that card for either 6 or 12 days and save lots of money if you plan well.

Furthermore, you can choose if you want a 24 hour Salzburg card included in the Salzburg Land card or the toll for the Großglockner alpine street. I would go for the 24 hour Salzburg card. The toll is €36,50 per car at the moment so if you are at least two persons ,per person, the toll is cheaper than the Salzburg card and you will want to explore the city and it’s sights on one day during your stay anyways. More on that topic on the Salzburg Land Card website.

How to use the 24 hour Salzburg card most efficiently?

If you have a 48 hour or even a 72 hour card and enough time you are not on a tight schedule and you can roam. With the 24 hour card and only one or two nights in Salzburg however, you might want to make the most out of it. Here I Am giving you instructions, a strategy, on how to do that.

Step 1 Heading out to the Cable Car

Get bus number 25 before 8am to catch the first cable car at 8.30am in summer or at 9am in winter. Most of the museums open at 9am but the buses already run early that’s why the cable car is the first activity you want to do. It saves time.

Step 2 – Layover in Hellbrunn

On the way back from the cable car get off at the stop called “Salzburg Schloss Hellbrunn” to go to the castle and the trick fountains.

Optional: If you visit the Zoo which i only recommend with a 48h, a 72h card, with kids or because you are interested in Zoos, get off one stop earlier at “Zoo Salzburg”. It’s actually the same place as the castle so from the zoo you walk to the castle. After leaving the zoo you can also check out the Monatsschlössel, the yellow building on the hill which houses the Folklore museum, before going to the castle.

Step 3 – Comeback and the Right Side of the River

When you are done in Hellbrunn it’s time to take bus 25 again and come back to the city. Get off at the stop called “Theatergasse” to visit Mozarts residence. The bus stops right in front of it. Mozarts residence is the only place included in the Salzburg card you visit on this side of the river.

Step 4 – Buy the Ticket, don’t take the Ride

Cross the river via Makartsteg, the “lock bridge”. On the other side of Makartsteg there is the river cruise harbor on the right side. You don’t take the boat yet but you reserve a ticket. In summer you want to make sure you have a place booked. Pick the latest time possible. The museums are going to be closed after 5pm but the boat is still going.

Step 5 – The actual Oldtown

Depending on the time you either visit Mozarts birthplace in Getreidegasse or you head straight to the concert hall to catch the 2pm guided tour. If you need to take the 2pm tour before, come back afterwards to check out the birthplace.

Step 6 – Decisions

You can’t do it all with the 24 hour card. After the concert hall and Mozarts birthplace you have the choice between Salzburg museum and Domquartier the two main history museum which I like very much or you could visit some smaller places like the Sound of Music world, the catacombs or the Christmas museum. I would go with the two first mentioned museums. You can also try to spend minimum time in each of them and do them all.

Step 7 – The best for Last

The fortress is a must do. I said it before. If there is only one sight you visit, make it the fortress. I would do it last, probably before the river cruise. Also because it stays open longer than other museums and even if it closes you can stay. Only the museums close, not the fortress itself. This last part very much depends on the season. In winter the museums inside the fortress also close at 5pm so it doesn’t make much of a difference but in summer they close at 7pm and you can go there after everything else is closed.

Step 8 – Finishing

Panorama from Mönchsberg

The last river cruise in summer runs at 8pm so ideally you have a ticket for the 8pm river cruise and enjoy the ride. After that you could still go Mönchsberglift, the elevator up to the museum of modern art. The museum will be closed, but the elevator operates until 9pm or 11pm depending on the time of the year. The top of Mönchsberg is one of the best places to enjoy the night view so give it a try if you still have energy left. It only takes 30 seconds by elevator.

Is there a difference between using the Salzburg card in high or in low season?

As mentioned before. The plan, in particular the end of your busy Salzburg card day, depends very much on the season. In summer you can fit in more places than in winter because the fortress and the cruise are possible later in the day. This list also doesn’t include all the sights included in the card. Only the ones I love the most. It might vary from person to person.

What if I arrive in Salzburg at noon and want to start right away?

That is even better. The cards are valid for 24 hours from the moment you activate them. It will be less exhausting for you to start at noon and make it two half days. But the plan for most efficient use doesn’t change. You still take the bus to the cable car early in the morning.

I hope this guide is helpful to you. If you have any further questions, if anything is unclear or you have feedback that I could use to improve the information provided, please send me a message. I am happy to help and you would help others because I will implement your question in this article.