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Breakfast in Salzburg: Local Favorites for a Delicious Dawn

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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. While you could argue about that, there is no arguing that a good breakfast is one of the greatest pleasures when traveling, especially when visiting a country that’s known for its hearty breakfasts. This article will point you to the best places for traditional Austrian breakfast in Salzburg and tell you what the must-try Austrian breakfast dishes are.

Breakfast at an Austrian Bakery

To have breakfast at a simple Austrian Bakery is actually my number one recommendation. Why is that? Well, because that’s how the everyday Austrians would have breakfast in Salzburg. Bakeries in Austria offer a wide variety of sweet and savory creations, and many Austrian bakeries have a few small tables and serve these baked goods with coffee. Not the best coffee you can find but coffee that fits a simple breakfast.

Austrian Bakery for Breakfast in Salzburg

Bakeries like these are on every corner. Here are my two go-to places, but almost any bakery you come across is just as good. Most of these bakeries are traditional, family-run businesses and passionate and dedicated to the cause and the customer.

Breakfast at Holztrattner Bakery in Brodgasse Alley

That’s the bakery I recommend on the Free Walking Tour City Map. Why? Well, there are two reasons. One is because it’s in one of the historic back alleys of the old town called Brodgasse, which means bread alley. That’s where the bakeries were located in history. One of them is still there today, including the cast iron sign of a Brezel above the entrance.

Bäckerei Holztrattner

The second reason I recommend the Holztrattner Bakery for breakfast in Salzburg is that it will make you feel like you are in your mum’s kitchen when being served your breakfast. The seating is in the back corner of the room, next to an actual kitchen.

Breakfast at Austrian Bakery in Salzburg

My personal favorite when it comes to pastries is the Zaunerkipferl, a croissant-like puff pastry rolled in almonds and breadcrumbs. Croissant-like but better. By the way, Zaunerkipferl is not an invention of this particular bakery. You can also look for it in other bakeries.

Breakfast at the Bakery Funder on Platzl Square

I recommend the funder bakery because of the quirky service because it is located across from the Free Walking Tour’s meeting points and because you can sit there on the street, unlike at the Holztrattner. As I mentioned, the Holztrattner bakery is in a back alley, but Funder is next to a square called Platzl, which literally means little plaza.

That’s not only a much-frequented intersection for pedestrians and bicyclists and, therefore, a great place to watch what’s happening but it’s also only a minute away from Staatsbrücke and the Spirit of Mozart artwork where we meet for the Free Walking Tours and, therefore, lends itself for breakfast to go and enjoy at the meeting point before the tour.

Traditional Breakfast in Salzburg

Before I even wrote this article, my guests were often already doing this, and I also had to do it often when I get up too late. In terms of what to have for breakfast at the Funder, there are all the usual suspects. Also, here you find the Zaunerkipferl I praised in the previous section, but it’s better to see for yourself. The delicacies are displayed in a glass case and are waiting to be chosen by you.

Breakfast at a Traditional Coffee House

If you’re staying in the Old Town of Salzburg, you’ll undoubtedly hear the clanking of silverware and conversation in the distance – a hint that a traditional Austrian coffee house is nearby. Austrian coffee houses are tourist attractions in and of themselves – they are historic social hubs where you’ll find locals and visitors alike enjoying traditional pastries and coffee. It’s not uncommon to see people with a paper and a laptop at one of the many tables, and more than a few actually conduct business meetings at the coffee houses.

But these places are not about the best coffee in town, and they don’t offer the best price-value breakfast either. Austrian coffee houses are about the experience. If you are considering getting breakfast at a traditional Austrian coffee house, you might also want to read this comprehensive guide to Austrian Coffee house culture.

Cafe Bazar – Breakfast at the most authentic Cafe in Salzburg

Cafe Bazar is the most traditional Austrian coffee house in Salzburg. You will hear me talk about it whenever I talk about coffee houses. You should choose a traditional coffee house for your breakfast in Salzburg if you are looking for more than just breakfast. If you only want breakfast, you will be shocked by the prices. They will seem unreasonable. €6,- for a croissant with butter and jam? But that’s not the point. At Cafe Bazar and most traditional Austrian cafes, you pay for the experience and the ambiance.

Breakfast at Cafe Bazar Schwarzstraße Salzburg

Coffee houses are like a time machine taking you back to the Austria of the 19th century, but at the same, you will find the most colorful mixture of locals and visitors and experience not only the past but also the present reality of the place. And don’t think that this experience could be imitated by a newly opened coffee house. Some have tried, and none have succeeded. The decades and centuries that shaped the place are kept alive by the staff and the guests like in no other place.

When you have breakfast in a traditional cafe in Salzburg, it’s not about breakfast. That’s the point. Learn more about Austrian coffee house culture.

Cafe Tomaselli – Breakfast at the oldest Cafe in Salzburg

Cafe Tomaselli is the oldest cafe in Salzburg. Tomaselli is as traditional as Cafe Bazar. After all, it’s from 1703, more than a century older than the former, and was already frequented by Mozart. But as the oldest cafe in the city, it became a tourist attraction. That doesn’t matter, but it gives it a different feel. The crowd at Cafe Tomaselli is more diverse in some ways, as the whole world comes here, but less varied in the type of people from all walks of life and with all kinds of coffeehouse purposes.

Cafe Tomaselli is the oldest Cafe in Salzburg Austria from 1703

Like in every city, locals avoid touristy places, and the locals that visit Tomaselli regularly are a distinct breed. In a way, they are what we consider the typical Salzburger. Salzburg has a reputation of being somewhat decadent. Even if that is a cliche, the people that fall into this category exist. There are people who drive their Jaguar into the pedestrian zone in the morning when the bollards for deliveries are still down, park in front of Tomaselli’s, and accept the ticket so that they can have breakfast there.

But I’m getting off-topic. This is about breakfast in Salzburg and is one of the most traditional, authentic places for breakfast in Salzburg. Breakfast at Tomaselli is just like at Bazar, and you will find at least as much history and culture.

Breakfast with a View

For great views in Salzburg, you do not need fancy breakfast places. Salzburg’s old town is surrounded by mountains, but a great view can surely enhance your breakfast experience. Both of the places I recommend for Breakfast with an amazing view are hotels. In case you are interested in the accommodation aspect, here is another article on places to stay in Salzburg.

Arte Hotel – Breakfast on the 15 Floor

The Arte Hotel, a boutique hotel in a fancy glass tower built in 2019, is located only 36 meters from the tracks of the main train station. Their breakfast room is on the 15th floor, the top floor of the hotel. Therefore, you can enjoy the view over the rooftops of Salzburg and, if you are lucky, watch the sunrise from your table. The breakfast itself is a mix of local and international cuisine. The buffet has a wide selection of healthy choices—including fresh fruit, yogurt, and granola—as well as a selection of pastries and cooked items.

Building of the Arte Hotel Salzburg

The hotel is located within walking distance from the Old Town, the Salzburg Cathedral, and the Mirabell Gardens. The buy-in for this treat is €20,- a person for an all-you-can-eat buffet. To make sure you get a place, a reservation is recommended because the hotel also has 120 rooms, and space is limited. Of course, the Arte Hotel is not only a fantastic breakfast option but also a place to stay. If you are still looking for a place to stay, you might want to read this article on accommodation in Salzburg.

Hotel Stein – Salzburg’s most Famous Rooftop Terrace

Hotel Stein, different from the aforementioned Arte Hotel, has been around for a while. Some say it is the oldest hotel in Salzburg since 1399. however, Hotel Stein does not have much to do with history and tradition but is a boutique hotel. This article has nothing to do with accommodations either but is about breakfast in Salzburg. While the Hotel Stein is a well-known hotel, it is even more famous for its rooftop terrace.

Hotel Stein Salzburg

The view from this rooftop terrace is comparable to what you’d get from a hike on the Kapuzinerberg, but the view paired with good food in the morning is hard to beat. The aforementioned Arte Hotel is located in the new part of town. Therefore, from the Arte Hotel, you get an overview of everything and more. On the other hand, Hotel Stein is in the heart of the old town with the Free Tour meeting point on the opposite side of the street.

However, the hotel is situated on the right side of the river with the perfect distance to the most important sights to get a panoramic view. And what’s for breakfast? Other than the Arte Hotel, Hotel Stein is not a buffet but a la carte. The food options are continental with a few fancy extras like Prosecco for breakfast to fit the designer hotel style. Breakfast isn’t exactly cheap, but that’s the case in most cafes, coffee houses, and hotels in Salzburg. To get to the rooftop, you simply enter the hotel and take the elevator to the top floor. 

Breakfast for Coffee Lovers

Unlike other more student and hipster cities, Salzburg doesn’t have many choices for house-roasted specialty coffee. But we have a fair share, more are coming, and the two best options are world-class baristas. Number one is the cafe Alchemie which I also featured in this article on the best coffee in Salzburg, but the Alchemie doesn’t offer a full-blown breakfast. Therefore, I only present you with one option, but that’s really all you need in terms of great coffee combined with a great breakfast.

220 Grad (220 degrees) – The Best Coffee in Town

Like the previous coffeehouse and hotel options, I gave you, breakfast at 220 degrees is also pricey, but you get what you pay for. The 220 Degrees is not only a cafe but a family-run coffee roastery that imports coffee beans itself. Therefore, 220 Grad is not only the place to go for a classy breakfast but also for the best coffee (alongside Kaffee Alchemie). The breakfast is on the healthy track, also suitable for vegetarians, and excellent for brunch. The coffee beans in the 220 degrees can not only be chosen from the coffee menu for preparation but also purchased ground or unground.

220 Grad Salzburg

Since the 220 grad is also incredibly popular among locals and for many a fixpoint, it is often packed, but in 2018, there is also a branch of the café in the Nonntal. If you no longer get a space, you can go there instead. Reservations for breakfast are only accepted before 9 am.

Breakfast at the Farmers Market on Thursdays

The Schranne Farmers Market in Salzburg happens every Thursday. The market opens at five o’clock in the morning. That’s why I had breakfast there more than once after going out when I was young. When I have breakfast at Schranne, I usually eat fried chicken wings. I’m not the only one. The two stalls right by the entrance to andräkirche fry these chickens. In addition, there are stands where the locals line up and eat these greasy delicacies. If that sounds delightful, that’s what it is!

Salzburg Farmers Market Thursday

If not, there is every Austrian food you can imagine at the Schranne. From the same breakfast items, you find at the bakery to fruits and vegetables, to fish soup and ingredients like meat, sausage, and cheese. Even if you are not hungry or had breakfast already, a visit to the Schranne is mandatory if you are lucky enough to be in Salzburg on a Thursday. The Schranne is a fixed date in the week for many locals and an experience every visitor to Salzburg should have, even if it is only for a quick walkthrough.


Breakfast in Salzburg is more than just satisfying your hunger. Breakfast is an experience to be had. Whether you have a simple everyday breakfast in a bakery like the locals do, in a traditional Austrian coffee house, on the 15th floor of a fancy hotel, or at the weekly market on Thursdays. This list does not claim to be exhaustive but consists of personal recommendations from a decade of having countless breakfasts in Salzburg. It was compiled with the greatest possible care.

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